• Winter Dream
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    Winter Dream


    puzzle game






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Winter Dream

Destroy the delicious sweets

It all revolves around Christmas candy again. Does that whet your appetite? Then you've come to the right place. Your task is to destroy sweets by matching three of the same kind in a row. You get points and power-ups for destroying the candy. Play your way through more than 100 levels of Christmas fun in Winter Dream and collect cool extras and awesome boosts. You only have limited moves available, so use them wisely to blow up as many sweets as possible at the same time.

Get cool power-ups.

In Winter Dream, you must combine sweets of the same kind to complete the levels. Sometimes, you need to collect a certain number of points; other times, you have to clear the background or complete another similar task. Just find out for yourself! Luckily, you can also use cool power-ups and boosts.


  • high skill
  • quick reactions
  • time pressure
  • long-lasting fun

Tags: Games, Skill

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