• Spring Samurai
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    Spring Samurai


    Skill, Arcade, Action




    With elaborate attention to detail


    The classic — for your friends, too


    Can’t get enough of it

Spring Samurai

Bring the samurai back home.

How did the cute little samurai get up onto those bamboo poles? Was he shrunk by some mysterious power? And why does he have springs on his feet? Find out and help him get back home.

Good timing is (almost) everything!

There is no need for swords or bloody fights here. It’s all about the thrill—just you, the samurai, and the next jump. The realistic movements and the elaborate design make this game a real long burner. But make no mistake: it’s always only the next jump that matters. You decide how far and how high to jump—the samurai’s life is in your hands.

Play Spring Samurai, experience endless playing fun, and share it with your friends.


  • Virtually endless playing fun
  • Compete with your friends
  • Fun is guaranteed
  • Elaborate design

Tags: Games, Arcade, Skill

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