• Fly or Die
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    Fly or Die


    skill game


    over and over again




    also available for iPhone and Android

Fly or Die

Fly through the openings in the circle

In “Fly or Die”, you have to make the bird fly through two openings in a hollow circle. Tap the bird to make it fly. But it will always be moving towards the ground, so you’ll have to tap several times to keep it in the air. You get points when you fly through both openings in the circle. But look out: the circle is spinning the whole time and you must not touch the pink edge, or the bird will die.

Collect lots of stars!

Stars will often appear above or below the circle for you to collect. If you get enough of these, you can spend them in the shop later on. For example, you can unlock new characters such as dogs, a fish or a hot air balloon.


  • Cute graphics
  • For nimble fingers
  • High skill
  • Enduring gaming fun

Tags: Games, Skill

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