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Crossy Temple

Become Indiana Jones

Do you think all Indiana Jones movies are cool? In Crossy Temple, you get to play the role of Indiana Jones and embark on an exciting adventure. You will need to be skilful, tactical, and enduring. You must prove that you have that special something in mystical places. Your task in Crossy Temple is to get as far as possible by avoiding, for example, rolling stones or the sharp spikes. While on the way, you can also collect gold coins to improve your highest score and purchase upgrades in the shop.
We wish you a lot of fun with Crossy Temple!

Sneak through mystical places

Can you be Indiana Jones? You must avoid different dangerous obstacles such as fast-moving trains, rolling stones, sharp spikes, and much more! Good luck!
Play Crossy Temple now and be Indiana Jones!


  • great graphics
  • for quick fingers
  • many levels
  • never-ending fun

Tags: Games, Skill

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