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    Colour Element


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Colour Element

Fun with colourful balls

Colour Element is a typical game of skill with a splash of bright colours. The game principle is very simple. You must steer a little colourful ball from the bottom to the top. All you have to do is tap the display. Sounds very simple, doesn't it? Well, guess again! The ball falls down all the time; you have to keep tapping it to prevent it from falling. If the ball falls down, it's game over.

Guide the colourful ball through the circles

Your task is to guide the ball through the circles of the same colour as you move it from the bottom to the top. But watch out: The circles move constantly, and the ball keeps on falling if you don't tap it. If the ball touches a circle, it's game over. What's more, the colour of the ball changes once it passes through a circle.


  • High skill
  • skill game
  • Your skill is needed!
  • Super on-the-go game

Tags: Games, Skill

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