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    Cannons and Soldiers




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Cannons and Soldiers

Strike your enemy

In Cannon and Soldiers, you get to prove how well you can handle a cannon. Use the canon to kill your enemies. Choose the amount of power to shoot with by pulling and holding the cannon with your finger. You also have to aim at your target. The game becomes more and more difficult with each level, and you have to prove your skills: Soldiers will take cover behind various items, and your comrades will be situated in between. Aim as precise as possible and try not to kill your own people.

Shoot with force and accuracy

In Cannon and Soldiers, you are tasked with killing enemy soldiers. But be careful, you only have a limited amount of cannon balls. Choose the right amount of power for your shot to be as effective as possible.

Play Cannon and Soldiers now and strike your enemies!


  • great graphics
  • for quick fingers
  • many levels
  • never-ending fun

Tags: Games, Skill

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