• Up Hill Racing 2
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    Up Hill Racing 2


    dexterity, car racing




    captivates you!


    also for iPhone and Android

Up Hill Racing 2

Put the pedal to the metal!

With Up Hill Racing 2, you drive your car through hills of snow and mountain peaks with daring tricks. Become master of the slopes! You take a seat behind the wheel of a red jeep and manoeuvre the car through particularly hilly landscapes. Let it rip!!

Various vehicle classes are available

You've had enough of a boring jeep? No problem! There are several vehicles available to help you make the slopes your playground. Build your own prototype. A few tires, a few shock absorbers and the bodywork. Now it's time to test the car in the hills. Let's see if you survive the test ride. With an optimised vehicle, you feel safer and perform stunts of which other drivers dare not even dream.


  • High degree of dexterity
  • Fast reactions
  • Many hurdles
  • Long-lasting gaming fun

Tags: Games, Arcade

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