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Bike Racing 2

The sequel of the captivating racing game

Bike Racing 2 is the exciting sequel of the popular racing game, Bike Racing. The improved graphics and brand new motorbikes make it a new experience!

Jump over abysses and race up mountains

The new sequel will take you to your limits! The new racing game is more beautiful and more exciting. Test new motorbikes and ride brand new crazy tracks. But watch out, concentration and skill are still imperative. After all, you must jump over abysses and race up mountains without crashing your bike! The more obstacles you manage, the more stars you earn. You can use the stars to buy better bikes that are more agile to get you to higher levels.

Play Bike Racing for free and race through mountains, winter wonderlands, and deserts!


  • awesome skill game
  • new challenges all the time
  • for nimble fingers
  • never-ending fun

Tags: Games, Racing, Sports

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