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    Brain teaser




    Long-lasting fun


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Correctly combine the number squares

Unite is a cool puzzle game, in which players arrange identical digits. The playing field has different numbers, and if you combine three or more matching numbers, they are added up and turn into an even more valuable square. You receive extra points for uniting a group of stars. Every time you connect numbers you also receive coins, with which you can buy cool boosters to help you out in tricky situations.

Connect the blocks to merge them

When you connect the blocks, they merge and create new numbers and explosions. The more numbers you connect, the higher the numbers get, and the more challenging the puzzle becomes. You can turn the combinations of playing stones you receive to help you find the best placement for them on the playing field, next to the next-highest numbers. When the playing field fills up, that’s GAME OVER and you’ll need to start again. Great fun for masterminds. Once the playing field is filled up, the round is over, and you need to start from the beginning. Have fun!


  • High dexterity
  • Puzzle game
  • Prove your logical thinking skills!
  • Many levels

Tags: Games, Puzzle Games, Mental

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