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Magic meets maths

How good are you at maths? Can you do quick maths? Find out with Sagemath. Magic meets maths in Sagemath. Does that work? You bet! Use your maths skills to play a classic tower defence game. Sagemath is not only fun but also provides a great medieval game atmosphere. Experience an awesome journey of adventure, in which you must fight off your opponents.

Here, time pressure is everything

Your task is to solve maths problems quickly and, most of all, correctly in order to prevent your position from being overrun. And all of this takes place in a mystical world full of incredible magic and numbers. Fight off your opponents with the help of your mathematical abilities by solving the problems. Make sure you solve them quickly, otherwise you will be overrun!


  • High skill
  • Quick reactions
  • Time pressure
  • Long-lasting fun

Tags: Games, Puzzle Games, Mental

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