• Galaxy Guardians
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    Galaxy Guardians


    dexterity, puzzle game




    captivates you!


    also for iPhone and Android

Galaxy Guardians

Travel through space

Travel into space and play a few rounds of intergalactic billiards with crazy aliens. Your task is to sweep the opponent's pieces from the table. For this, you specify the strength and direction with which one of your stones is to be pushed. Try to hit the opponent’s stones. However, consider exactly where your figure will bounce off to after the impact. In the end, you could do you more harm than good. You might throw yourself out of the game.

Save the galaxy!

The universe - infinite space! You are travelling across the galaxy. You'll encounter aliens that no one has ever seen before. An intergalactic billiards tournament awaits you. You compete against the best aliens in the galaxy. Your task is to push the opponent's figures out of the field. But be careful not to be thrown out yourself. Face the challenge!


  • High degree of dexterity
  • Fast reactions
  • Many hurdles
  • Long-lasting gaming fun

Tags: Games, Arcade, Skill

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