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Wonderful hidden object game

Go on a mysterious journey and solve the puzzles in the abandoned planetarium. Certain objects and hints should help you understand what happened. Can you uncover the secrets in time?

Secrets and puzzles

In Apothecarium, you set out on an exciting journey full of secrets and puzzles. Find the right items in the hidden objects. Not so easy when all you have is a disorderly bunch of items! And you still have to beat the clock! You must be fast. But at least there are hints to help you solve the puzzles and get you back on the right path. Enjoy fantastic graphics and beautiful soundtracks while solving the challenging puzzles.

Play Apothecarium for free and solve the mysterious puzzles in the abandoned planetarium. Can you stay focussed enough to make it in time?


  • Awesome challenges
  • For puzzle fans
  • Amazing graphics and soundtracks
  • Never-ending fun

Tags: Games, Puzzle Games, Mental

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