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    Power Block


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Power Block

Get rid of the blocks - quickly!

Put your hand-eye coordination and reflexes to the test with this colourful and action-packed arcade game. The classic "endless mode" ensures excitement from the word go. Incomplete rows of blocks descend towards the bottom of the screen. Your goal is to fill the rows as quickly as possible so that they disappear before they get a chance to reach the ground. You've got to be quick though, because the blocks are constantly on the move and getting ever closer to the bottom of the screen. When that happens, it's game over!

Earn gold and unlock special game modes

You can earn gold by getting rid of certain blocks. The gold you earn can be used to gradually unlock the different game modes one by one. These modes include a variety of both endless and limited-time challenges, as well as many other special modes.


  • Challenge your skills
  • Arcade game
  • Your skills will be put to the test!
  • Many levels

Tags: Games, Puzzle Games, Arcade, Action

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