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    Point Adventure


    arcade game




    Long-lasting fun


    also available for iPhone and Android

Point Adventure

Avoid the obstacles

Do you like relaxed, casual adventures that you can complete quickly with the right skills? Then Point Adventure is definitely not what you’re looking for; this endless arcade game is fast, challenging, and action-packed! Your task is to control a circle that has two balls on opposite sides and guide it through obstacles. You need to turn the circle in such a way that it doesn’t collide with the obstacles.

How far will you get?

If one of the balls in the circle collides with an obstacle, you start from the beginning. This isn’t easy, since the circle is fast and constantly on the move. How far can you make it? Will you accept the challenge? It requires finesse and speed. If you can handle the frustration and the pressure, get started now and prove your skills to everyone. Play Point Adventure now. Have fun!


  • High dexterity
  • Arcade game
  • Show your skills!
  • Many levels

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