• Fugitive Sparrow
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    Fugitive Sparrow


    action game


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    Compatibility also available for iPhone and Android


    also available for iPhone and Android

Fugitive Sparrow

Dodge all of the boxes

In this game, you must help a little red bird fight for its survival. Your task is to dodge all the falling boxes. But there is a small problem: the little bird cannot fly. You can also climb over the boxes to collect candy and, if you are up to the challenge, even get to unlock special birds.

Dodge the boxes and collect candy

You have to react quickly to prevent the falling boxes from crushing the poor bird to death. Steer the bird and try to dodge the boxes by bringing the bird to safety as soon as you notice a falling box at the top. At the same time, try and collect as many of the falling sweets as you can!


  • Awesome game
  • Lovely design
  • Action game
  • Never-ending fun

Tags: Games, Arcade, Action, Skill

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