• Dragon Dash
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    reaction game




    5 levels


    also available for iPhone and Android

Dragon Dash

Bring Drake home safely

Dragon Dash is a fantastic arcade game. Your task is to help the cute dragon Drake. Guide him through a magical world full of dangers. But on your way, you will not only encounter danger; there are mystical beings, shiny coins, and many great boosts to find! Bring Drake home safely!

Collect items and become fast as lightning

Try to collect as many items as possible on your way. These can be coins or stones. Catch the flying letters and Drake will become faster and faster. But be careful! You will also have to watch out for dangers, such as the birds, that will stand in your way to completing the level. Lead Drake through five awesome levels. When you complete all levels, you will need to defeat the boss dragon to complete the game.


  • High skill
  • Quick reactions
  • Many obstacles
  • Long-lasting fun

Tags: Games, Arcade, Action, Skill

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