• Piggy vs. Wolf
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    Piggy vs. Wolf


    puzzle/action game




    gets you hooked!


    also available for iPhone and Android

Piggy vs. Wolf

Defend yourself against the nasty wolves

Was it not enough for them to blow your house away? These nasty wolves really aren’t giving up, and they are more determined than ever. What can you do now? How can you defend yourself and your friends? The only thing that can help now is to fetch a bow and some arrows from the skies, and shoot at the wolves.

Good timing and precision are required

Your mission and your objective are to keep the wolves far away from you and your friends. But how? Only with quick and accurate shots can you defeat the wolves. Shoot at the wolves that fall from the sky and don’t let them come near, or it will all be over. Get your bow and some arrows, and finish the wolves off once and for all.


  • High skill
  • Fast reactions
  • Great action game
  • Long-lasting fun

Tags: Games, Skill

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