• Fly With Rope
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    Fly with Rope




    very high


    beautiful, simple animation


    Wcrazy tempo and realistic engine


    15 major cities are waiting for your skills

Fly with Rope

Stickman is making his way across the planet, hand over hand.

Grab a rope and swing through the air into the coolest cities in the world.  By just tapping or clicking on any object, you will fix your rope and swing towards it. By touching it again, you can undo the rope again and fly free as a bird.

Great physics, beautiful animation, and magnificent gameplay.

Fast gameplay, a realistic physics engine for game characters and objects, and great graphics make Fly with Rope highly addictive and fun. However, you should be careful not to let your character hit the ground. Contact with the ground will cause your courageous journey to come to a very sudden and final end. Luckily, you can try again straight away.

Play Fly with Rope now! 15 levels full of fun and challenges are waiting for you.


  • Quick gameplay
  • Beautiful animation
  • Highly addictive
  • Realistic physics

Tags: Games, Arcade, Skill

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