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    Watch Out 2


    reaction game




    hours of fun


    also available for iPhone and Android

Watch Out 2

Test your reflexes

Do you like to play quick reaction games? Do you want to test your quick reflexes, and are you looking for a game that can help? Then you've come to just the right place! Because that and much more is what you get with Watch Out 2. Watch Out is a simple game. All you have to do is tap either left or right to get the big guy to jump over the little one.

Get the timing right

Sounds easy, doesn't it? But it isn't. You have to tap right or left at the right moment so that the big guy can jump over the little one without colliding. At the same time, the game gets faster and faster. Getting the timing right becomes more and more difficult. If you tap too late, too early or on the wrong side, the two guys will collide and the game will be over. You will then have to start again from 0. This game can be exciting, but frustrating as well. Which one it is depends on your perseverance and your reflexes. Dive right in - and have fun!


  • Challenging skill curve
  • Quick response time
  • Many obstacles
  • Long-lasting fun

Tags: Games, Skill

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