• Mixed World Weekend
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    Mixed World Weekend


    brain game




    many levels


    also available for iPhone and Android

Mixed World Weekend

Knock out those red monsters!

Knock out those red monsters! Slide blue squares over flat platforms in Mixed World: Weekend. Try and push all the red monsters down to make them disappear. But be careful: You're up against more than just the red monsters. The orange monsters can even transform themselves into narrower shapes.

Take advantage of the green squares

Your task is to fight the red and orange monsters. But that's not all. Because there are green squares who join the fun. But don't worry, they're not your enemies, and they don't turn into huge monsters either. On the contrary! Use the green squares to draw red monsters towards you to defeat them faster! Have fun with Mixed World: Weekend!


  • high skill
  • puzzle game
  • many obstacles
  • long-lasting fun

Tags: Games, Skill

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