• Catch the Frog
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    Catch the Frog


    reaction game




    36 levels


    also available for iPhone and Android

Catch the Frog

Test your reflexes

Make boredom a thing of the past with Catch the Frog! In this fantastic game, you will help the little frog through 36 cool, exciting, varied and entertaining mini-games that are sure to challenge you. But no two mini-games are the same. Sometimes it's your reflexes that are tested, other times your perception. Each level is different, but they all require precision and good timing. Will you accept this challenge?

Look forward to 6 bonus mini-games

Accompany the frog across 36 great levels. If you manage to put your skill and concentration to good use and progress, you will unlock an extra six mini-games. Do you think you can complete all 36 levels without any problems? Then prove it! Have fun!


  • Challenging skill curve
  • Quick response time
  • Many obstacles
  • Long-lasting fun

Tags: Games, Skill

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