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    Burger Story




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Burger Story

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You think making burgers is easy? After all, it’s just a matter of throwing together a few ingredients. Not in Burger Story! Because here you have to work hard to succeed.

Bring the best burgers to the masses

Slice the bun, grill the meat, add some salad and a slice of cheese on top. Order up! Sounds easy? Then try it yourself and see if you can serve all your customers fast enough. If you’re too slow, the customers will get angry and leave your store. But if you serve them fast enough, you can have the best burger shop ever. Show your skills and serve as many burgers as you can. Do you have what it takes to serve the hungry crowd and crack the high score?
Play Burger Story now for free, and run the best burger store ever.


  • for nimble fingers
  • lots of challenges
  • enduring gaming fun

Tags: Games, Skill

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