• Tiki Solitaire
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    Tiki Solitaire


    Card game / brain teaser




    Long-lasting fun


    also available for iPhone and Android

Tiki Solitaire

Clear the stacks as fast as you can!

Are you good at logical thinking? Then you’ll love Tiki Solitaire! Tiki Solitaire is a great puzzle game, in which your goal is to place as many cards as possible on the discard pile as fast as you can. It requires not only logical, but also quick thinking. Because: you’re playing for time and have less than a minute to prove yourself.

Can you quickly clear the cards?

The whole thing is set in the cool, sunny ambience of the island state of Hawaii, which makes this card game especially fun. Everyone can treat themselves to a round on the beach! And the jokers are essential, of course! Use your winnings to get great boosters that will make you better and faster. As soon as you have created 3-card combinations, you’re on the path to success. If you clear an entire stack, you will gain a few extra seconds.


  • High dexterity
  • Brain teaser
  • Prove your logical thinking skills!
  • Many levels

Tags: Games, Puzzle Games, Mental

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