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Doodle Connect

Brain training made easy

The perfect game to pass the time awaits you. Doodle Connect is based on a simple game principle and tough riddles. Tough riddles? How hard can it possibly be to connect a few dots by drawing a continuous line? Find out and you’ll experience it yourself. Close to 50 levels with increasingly complex shapes await you. Your head will be spinning afterwards!

Drawing is fun!

Connect the dots in Doodle Connect and draw along the lines to unlock the shape. But each line can only be drawn once. You need to keep trying until you’ve found the right sequence. You won’t just be drawing easy shapes! You’ll see for yourself once you’ve attempted to draw the infamous “House of Santa Claus” a few times…this game will not only teach you how to master different shapes, but also train your brain to tackle tricky tasks.


  • great thinking skills
  • brainteaser
  • lots of obstacles
  • hours of fun

Tags: Games, Puzzle Games

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