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Anna’s Nail Salon

Are you all about design?

In this game, you get to show that you understand a thing or two about nail design. Follow the instructions and help Anna satisfy her customers. Create different designs and show them to your friends!

Carve, file, varnish

Help Anna run her nail salon. Follow the instructions in the game and fulfil the wishes of her customers by giving them the best makeover of all time. Remove old nail polish, carve and file their nails, and apply hand cream. After preparing your design you can start making something special out of it. Create unique and exclusive nail designs: Choose from numerous colours, patterns, and rhinestones that you can apply to the nails for elegant nail designs. Create as many as you want and show them to your friends!
Play Anna’s nail salon for free and create unique nail designs to help satisfy Anna’s customers.


  • Awesome challenges
  • Infinite design possibilities
  • For creative minds
  • Never-ending fun

Tags: Games, Puzzle Games, Mental

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