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Holdem Poker Inferno

A game for clever head

Forget about any Poker Game ever played – here come’s the real best. You play against three other candidates that try to make a good game. It won’t be easy, do you accept the challenge?

You want to play Poker anywhere?

So here’s your favourite app. Download this app and you can use it even without service. The three players will always stay connected. This casual multiplayer game will bring you lot’s of casino feeling. Do you want do play better and faster? Boost your poker skills now!

Learn by starting with these 3 computer avatars. They act like real persons, and the best is that there is nothing to loose. Another advantage is that there is no one that suddenly goes offline or has to leave the tables. They’ll stay there, until the game is finished!


  • Real avatars
  • Learn and improve your skillss
  • Even working with no service once you have installed the app
  • Anytime, anywhere you can play poker

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