• Flappy Sheep Multiplayer
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    Flappy Sheep Multiplayer






    never-ending gaming fun


    also available for iPhone and Android

Flappy Sheep Multiplayer

Find your way through the tubes 

Do you like Flappy Bird? Then you will love Flappy Sheep Multiplayer! Your task is to get a flying sheep as far as possible through the level. Get your next high score now. You are awarded a point for every obstacle you overcome.

Fly through the openings

Let your sheep fly through the pipe openings in this funny game. Miss an opening and the game is over. You will have to start all over again. To avoid the green pipes, you need a steady hand and perfect timing.

How far will you get? Reach a new high score! Have fun!


  • awesome graphics
  • great dexterity
  • never-ending gaming fun

Tags: Games, Arcade, Skill

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