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Crazy Birds 2

Shoot all the pigs!

Have you ever wondered what it looks like inside a sweets factory? What happens there? How the sweets are packaged? Become a sweets expert now. In the factory, the finished treats flow into sales packaging on conveyor belts. Sometimes this does not work out and the sweets have to be re-sorted. This is where you come into play!

Sort the sweets

In this game, you have to help the little birds defeat the Bad Piggies. Your task is to shoot as skilfully as you can and try to hit all the pigs. Tap on a bird with your finger and hurl it at the pigs. You can choose the direction and power of your shot by pulling and aiming with your finger. If you are crazy about the little crazy birds, get started right away and hurl them at the target. Have fun!

Shoot with force and accuracy

The pigs will have more and more cover as you progress, making the game increasingly difficult. Try and shoot down the obstacles so that they can fall and crush the pigs.
Play Crazy Birds 2 now and test your skills immediately!


  • great graphics
  • for quick fingers
  • 28 levels
  • never-ending fun

Tags: Games, Arcade, Skill

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