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Build a roof and protect Caesar

Have you always been a fan of history? Or were you rather bored in history lessons in school? Then you’re in the right place. This game combines Roman history and puzzle fun. You had best get going, because Gaius Julius Caesar is waiting for you. It is a game in which you have to do a lot of thinking. Each level will challenge your logical thinking. Does that sound good?

Protect the Emperor!

Your mission and objective are to protect the Caesar coin from the falling pieces in each level. In doing so, you can use the items skilfully to build a protective roof. Gaius Julius Caesar is already waiting for you. Help him protect himself from the destructive stones on your mobile! Who would have thought that history can be so much fun?


  • High skill
  • Fast reactions
  • Great puzzle game
  • Great puzzle game

Tags: Games, Puzzle Games, Mental

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