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Better than many fitness studios!

Getting fit has never been easier. Train where you want and when you want. Simple and fast workouts for your fitness. This app is based on the principle that highly intensive interval training achieves exactly the same training successes as lengthy, extended endurance training. And you save yourself the trip to the gym and don't have to endure crowded rooms, moaning training neighbours and don't have to wait for equipment to become available.

Lose weight and stay fit.

You'll achieve great success with exercises like planks, high knees, crunches and jumping jacks, which can be freely combined. No matter if you want to lose weight, optimize your figure or define body parts. 7Fitness offers you a variety of exercises for every level of difficulty.


  • Top Illustrations
  • A variety of exercises
  • manageable 7 minutes training
  • training for problem areas

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